Christmas Hours

The available times for the upcoming Christmas period shall be as follows:
  • Christmas Eve (Monday): 8am – 1pm
  • Christmas Day (Tues): 8am – 10.30am
  • Boxing Day (Wed): 8am – 10.30am
  • New Years Eve (Mon): 8am – 5pm
  • New Years Day (Tues): 8am – 10.30am

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day are double the price, and are morning visits only for pets who’s owners are away. However if cats require evening feeds, I am more than happy to set timed feeders.

Amanda’s Animal Services welcomes Sophie to the business, a young enphusiastic pet carer, with many years experience of owning dogs and working with horses and other farm animals,

Below are the hours available for dog walking over the coming Christmas period:

  • Christmas Eve: 8am – 12 midday
  • Christmas Day: 7am – 9.30am
  • Boxing Day: 7am – 10am
  • Bank Holiday Tuesday: 7am – 10am
  • New Years Day: 7am – 10am

This is on a first come first serve basis. Note that this service is only available to pets needing one visit only, as I will not be working after the hours stated above.

Great news for customers- after the 4th July, I will be able offer my services all day Saturday.

Due to the amount of potential customers I had to Refer to other walkers due to being unavailable Saturday afternoons, I have taken the decision to cease work at Tesco Saturday afternoons to dedicate my Saturdays to my 4 legged customers.

Whether it’s an occasional walk or pet sit while your at a Wedding or are away for the weekend; Or if you would like a regular service while you work… Please feel free to get in touch on 0792 879 0985

Welcome to the all new website for Amanda’s Animal Services, a much more professional appearance to match the professional services being offered by myself.

To celebrate I will be offering microchipping for £5 for customers in Horley, until the end of May for both dogs and cats of any age.

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