About Me


  • Canine first aid certificate holder
  • National Diploma in Animal Management
  • Introductory certificate for Canine Massage
  • Full Qualification with Pet ID to Microchip pets.

I also have many years experience working with pets and as a pet owner myself, I know how much pets mean to the owners and also the services that would make it slightly easier to care for them.

I’m experienced with Dangerous dogs, Show dogs, Stud dogs and Breeding bitches, and pampered pet dogs, so you can feel relaxed when your dog’s in my care.

When it comes to the smaller animals I have experience with; Cats, Rabbits, Guinea-pigs, Chinchillas, Degus, Gerbils, Hamsters and many others.

My Background and Experience

At school and throughout college I completed many weeks work experience:

  • Caskeys Kennels and Cattery
  • Gaytons Veterinary Clinic
  • British Wildlife Centre
  • Rosemar Kennels and Cattery
  • Dellbruck Pet Lodge (previously Caskeys)
  • Bocketts Farm
  • Vonwolf Kennels

Gaining a job from my experience at Vonwolf Kennels, I was able to improve my experience with larger breeds, more boisterous breeds, police dogs, and the more friendly pet dogs.

After college, I worked at Moonsmead Bassets/ Canine Crèche in Burstow, this gave me the experience of working with Stud dogs and Bitches in whelp. I got experience of walking dogs who were unsocialised, not lead trained and dogs needing that little extra in the walk. I also became knowledgeable of the show world by showing my West Highland White Terrier. This then got me interested in Hand-stripping westies and grooming dogs.

It was my job at the Crèche that lead me to starting up Amanda’s Animal Services. Giving a more affordable option to pet care for clients, yet still receiving the best standards of care and experience.

The reasons you should choose Amanda’s Animal Services

  • My knowledge and experience allows your dog to be in the safest hands
  • I’m reliable and will turn up in rain, snow and sunshine to take care of your pets.
  • A full clean driving license and a car I’m not afraid to get dirty mean i will always be able to get to my clients.
  • Your dog will be walked in your PREFERRED LOCATION.